Hello. My name is Edd Biddulph, I do computer graphics.

I have made many realtime-rendered animations and pictures which are usually code-golfed into very small executable sizes such as 4kb. You can find a list of them here. These productions are usually entered into competitions held and organized by the demoscene community.

All of my Shadertoy shaders can be found on my userpage here. I've been posting shaders on Shadertoy for over a decade now.

Quake II Pathtraced on GPU
In 2016, I made a custom-made realtime pathtracer and integrated it into Quake 2, taking advantage of special characteristics which the geometry, lightsources, and dynamic objects of Quake 2 have. Check it out here.

I have worked on rendering at Maxon and 10bit FX, and I now work at NVIDIA.